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Stakes are a new item and block which is needed in the growth of tomatoes. They are wood coloured and shaped like thinner fences, albeit without protusions on the side.


Stakes are crafted by placing two sticks in a column with an iron ingot at the bottom. It resembles an upside-down iron spade.

Stakes cannot be used to craft anything as of yet.



On the left are individual vertical stakes. Then on the right, you can see a horizontal stakes too.

To place a stake, place it on farmland. This will create a torch like object in the farmland that is one block high. Stakes can be placed on other stacks up to 5 blocks high. They can also be place horizontally by placing them on the side of an existing stake. This feature enables one to create stake fences, and use stakes in aesthetic designs too.

If the farmland the stake is places in becomes dirt, the stake will stay in the dirt. If you break a stake, all above stakes will fall, fairly similar to cacti and sugar cane. However, if the stake is attached to another stake horizontally through a horizontal stake, it will not fall unless the stake supporting at horizontal stake falls.


Stakes are generally used as a support structure for tomatoes. You first place the stake in the farmland and then the tomato which forms a ring around it. You cannot remove this stake without first removing the tomato plant so choose wisely.

Stakes can also be used as an anchor and termini for leads. To end a lead at a stake, sneak and right click the stake. Just right clicking without sneaking will cause the lead to wrap around the stake but not end, allowing you to mark out plots, use them as horizontal guides and more.