This mod is split up into a few different packs, called Seed Packages. The packages are shown below. This is to facilitate easier customisation and feature addition.

Seed PackagesEdit

The seed packages each contain a part of the mod. They are optional and can be removed at will, allowing you to customise your game. Playing with at least one is recommended as else there will not be any new content.

Limeshoot: GardensEdit

  • This adds tomatoes, grapes, stakes and other farming related items and blocks.

Limeshoot: BiomesEdit

  • This package adds biomes. These are lightweight and are modifications of existing biomes.

Limeshoot: PlantsEdit

  • This package adds more flower variety and other groundcover such as tulips, roses, clover and more as well as more trees including Coconut Trees and Chestnuts.

Limeshoot: Garden ShedEdit

  • This pack is essentially a pack for everything that does not fit in the others such as barrels, larger signs etc.

Core PackageEdit

The Limeshoot: Core package is a required package to use the mod. Without this, the game may not load and may also crash. Your worlds may also be corrupted and damaged to please remember to use this!